Raining down upon us like hailstones sharp
Fear of mirror's shards the memories imprinted in time
To not know the future, but sulk on the suggested obvious yet again
A successful failure your only goal in blinded, lazy sight
Countless reasons help construct the sieged walls as before
Yet these same words have struck the passages towards the keep
Not one of ask nothing left, but the glasses always higher in the horizon's end
For surely the worse has been written before our books dried their black ink,
Your same kind drowned in the sunken sands alone and humanly hopeless


Smiling as you watch the house burn down from the inside
Countless sheep tamed more than nature would intend
Thoughts swayed by the constant flickering of lights
Your small radius controlled, comfortably enough

A stomach fully processed while the others hollow
A soul judged not by worth, but the money in their sands
Decisions waisted as time dances on in pure spite of all who stand
For the knowingly guilty cannot claim
ignorance when all is shown before

Simplier Times

The lines of time crossed and tangled as they extend
Memories lose ground as the horizon steadily approaches
Our unstoppable backlog grows greater each passing day
But sands of life, not time should be measured in sunlight

Each of us innocent as the stork glides us forward
Still most just satisfied with what is presented before us
But forgotten are the simple treasures buried in these same sands
For time is ever persistent and forgets not what the truth can tell

The War Of Man

Unsettled bickering the hills turn red
The price of birth questioned yet again
Souls lost for the sake of words
Yet the common say not a whimper

Our carnivorous selves held back no longer
We extinguish with supreme excellence
Those who stand before matter not
Unless of course our biggest brother preach it

The truth of the lines a hell of sorts
Savage to the core through and through
The metal flies as fear clouds all on the field
Survival the only way the thirst only strengthens

Met not once but blood shared the same
Will against will the battle rages on
Pulsing its blackness through our veins
Continue or fail it is our choice, alone